Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Your Ad Here

A few months ago, an ad showed up on the metro for a local software development firm. Like most people, when I hear 'software developer' the mental image immediately coming to mind is a Tri Lambda grad with flood water pants, pocket protecor, and full size poster of Laura Croft hanging in their bedroom. Smart guys but not always the definition of cool.

Advertising on the metro for local jobs seems like a brilliant idea, especially in the current economy. Anyone with open doors and money to spend on talent has a huge base to draw from right now and even people with a steady job might be tempted to try for something new just in case current gig doesn't ride the current waves of the financial riptide.

And yet...this is the image they choose. So I guess they aren't hoping for a whole lot of diversity...

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Jen said...

That's...pretty much amazing