Friday, October 3, 2008

And Fail.

One day in and I fail. Awesome.

For my penance, I shall post twice today. First, a story from my commute yesterday.

My metro ride to work each day is about 30 minutes. I've tried my best to make this time useful, either by reading, making shopping lists, listening to pod casts, etc. Part of this is because I like to feel like I've accomplished something and not just sitting idly on the metro, and partly because if I don't have something to do, I tend to stare. A lot. And on public transit in this fair city, there's usually a lot to gawk at, which is entertaining but rude.

Yesterday, I packed up my book, but underestimated how close I was to the end. I finished it early after my transfer to work, read the interview at the end, and put it away. No biggie. It was on my way home that it became a bit of an issue.

Metro delays hit me hard. No book, no iPod with me, no lists to make, what to do??? I eavesdropped a bit on the conversation behind me (two 50 something women were talking about what an idiot Sarah Palin is - was highly entertaining), then watched as an older couple visiting their 30 something son (who was sitting with them) started harassing a nice looking girl on the metro, trying to convince her to date their son (he has a good job and he's not too bad to look at right? Honey? Don't you think she's nice? Would you like to come to dinner with us? You seem so sweet...)

Then I noticed a guy half way down the car. At first glance, he seemed pretty average. Mid-to-late 20's, nice grey suit, ear buds firmly in place. And then the show started. At first, he was just nodding his head a bit, enjoying his music. Then the right hand started tapping the wall a bit. And then, much to all our enjoyment, he whipped out the air guitar in all its glory. The head started banging, both hands were very involved in playing MetroGuitarHero-Red Line edition. This went on for a good 20-30 seconds before he looked up and saw everyone enjoying the concert. Oops.

He exited immediately at the next stop. I stopped laughing 2 stops later.


Jen said...

HA, that's fantastic. Am going to youtube him, sure someone caught him on their video-phone. How adorable lol

Klue said...

That made my day (yesterday, actually, I just forgot to comment)
On that thread, I saw a girl dancing up and down the street last Sunday. It was like an ipod commercial, but a little less neon.