Tuesday, October 14, 2008

None for you.

Rather than blog about the recent Beatles news blip and how dumb it is that a) anyone still cares about Ringo Star or that b) he's had to ask all 5 of his fans to stop mailing him their underwear, I instead submit to you an interview with a Beatles fan:

me: and also, wtf http://www.mamapop.com/mamapop/2008/10/ringo-starr-say.html
he still has fans?
Jennifer: I LOVE RINGO STARRRRR hahaha

me: oh, so he has 1 fan

and uh, yeah
I guess I would be that fan lol


Jen said...

OI!! You know, when I saw David Sedaris (God's gift to...me) the other night he went on about how he HATES taking photo's with people because he LOVES meeting new people and having random conversations and the whole process of taking a photo with two popped-collar white boyz who insist that he pose making a gang sign gets him all riled up. So he decided to stop taking pictures with fans. Because he CAN! He's David Sedaris!! David Sedaris is special, his mother loved him, but he is not Ringo Starr!
Ringo Starr can do whatever the hell he wants. If he doesn't want to sign autographs to sniggling middle-aged women reeking of cigarettes and wearing stretchy leopard print, then that's his prerogative. He's Ringo Starr. He can be an asshole. He's worked hard for the privilege.

Jen said...

I *heart* Ringo Starr.

Jen said...

He asked for peace, love and happiness on his birthday. What a hopeless hippy. So adorable.

I bet he'd still take a picture with me.

And maybe even flash a gang sign.

Jen said...

OK, I'm done.

Jen said...

You know, in the statistics class (that I'm kicking all kinds of dahr-ee-aihr in), we've learned that most strong opinions are negative opinions.
Thus, it's interesting that my strong, anti-establishment opinion is a positive one.
Guess I wasn't done after all.

But now I am.

(Rah, Ringo!)
(Ok, starting...NOW)

doshtate said...

No one is defending Ringo's honor but you, dear Jen, thus proving further that you are, in fact, the only person who cares about him.