Thursday, March 13, 2008

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Let's just sum up this week (even though it's only Thursday) to be known as the week of bored frustration. Not frustratingly bored, just bored frustration. I made some colossal mistakes at work, which although somewhat funny now (I somehow confused Santa Monica and San Francisco and thus sent my boss to SFO instead of LAX, which he was thrilled's just California - how far apart can places be? Oh......), another boss has the flu/SARS/plague and has been out, so I've had plenty of time to be completely frustrated about one teensy weensy work issue that was supposed to be solved a month ago and was officially shot down yesterday, and thus Pissy, thy name is Kate.

I took out my frustration on my usual target - the cutting board. I decided to make a nice spicy chili which would a) give me many, many things to chop chop chop, b) give me an excuse to drink some beer and c) have a nice therapy/cooking session, which I haven't been doing much of lately. I found a great recipe for ground turkey and black bean chili and went to town.

When I threw the spices in (chili pepper, cayenne pepper, and cumin oh my!) it looked like an awful lot of heat but oh well, I thought, that's what the beer is for (not that I'm drinking when angry, it's to kill the burn! see! Not abusing alcohol, just loving it for its medicinal qualities!).

I let it sit and simmer for a good 40 minutes, letting all that smoky flavor work its magic, then was starving and was more than ready to crack open some high quality Yuengling. I scooped it up, properly garnished the dish, the set it down. (I am a lukewarm soup eater. I don't like hot liquids of any kind - (that's the devil's temperature!) I prefer all drinks, soups, etc to be a nice moderately hot but more cool temperature before it touches these lips.)

I flipped on to my embarrassing addiction of a tv show, gave my soup a song to cool down, then dug right in. And promptly burned my mouth. Burned it bad enough that it would not have mattered if I had a half dozen habaneros in there, I wasn't tasting a thing. Bummer.

In other news, AI has a new ending song. I haven't really ever watch the show (no really, I haven't) but for some reason, I'm a little addicted this year. Last night, the unveiled the new we're sorry but nobody likes you song - "Celebrate Me Home." Won't even try to lie about it, I completely teared up (maybe it was a delayed reaction to my tongue injury...but probably not since I tear up every time it comes on my iPod) - I LOVE that song. I can't say I'm too thrilled Ruben is trying to improve on the perfection that is Kenny Loggins but wow, nicely done. Daughtry's song was good, the "Had a Bad Day" was ironic and almost a good song, but they really did finally nail the all important aspect of the show - song selection. Well done, AI peeps, well done.

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Klue said...

Mmmmm, spicy!
Going overboard with that smoky flavor is potentially the non smoky flavors!!