Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Giant Triumph

In case you missed it, Sunday was the greatest Super Bowl e v e r.

I, unlike Klue, did not blog in advance about my pick, but I was rooting for the Giants, although to be 100 % truthful it was more of an anti-Patriot choice rather than a pro-Giants choice.

My anti-Patriot sentiment comes from two places - Boston Fans and My Boss the Boston Fan. I'm a little sick of Boston fans. woo hoo you won the World Series. Good for you, now go home. But no, then the football team had to have a 'perfect' season and build up a ridiculous amount of press about Tom Brady, god of football. Puh-leeeeeeese people. He's not all that.

My Boss the Boston Fan, whom we'll call Geeves, is obsessed with all things Boston Sports related, but all his sports love is nothing compared to his ridiculous Man-crush on Tom Brady. It goes beyond admiration for an athlete - it's down right creepy. After last year's season, all I heard for days and days and days was Geeves saying "If I died and could come back as someone, I'd want to be Tom Brady, no question." Over and over. The affection he has towards Brady has gone too far. This along with a perfect Pats season has made the fall sports season annoying at best. Stop. With. The. Brady. Madness.

Last Friday, Geeves was all but running the victory lap around the office in complete faith in the upcoming Pats victory in the Superbowl. I had a flare up of nausea. He was insufferable. He was obnoxious. He was ... a typical Boston Fan.

Fast Forward to Monday -- Geeves is traveling all week, much to his happiness, as he won't have to face the rest of us (who were ALL cheering for the Giants) here in the office. We've been trying to come up with something tasteful to a) celebrate the victory and b) rub it in. just a little. Or a lot.

In a situtation like this, there is only one thing to do - dig deep, channel Ashton, and do a little punking. Here's the result:

Geeve's office before:

Geeve's office after:

Heck yes.

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That is amazing.