Wednesday, December 19, 2007


My iPod is terminal. It's not gonna make it.

I've been having issues with it for some time now. Somehow while trying to update the software on my iPod, I managed to screw up my entire iTunes, then not be able to sync the iPod once iTunes was fixed.

Last night I tried to sync it 5 times. The first time, it started beeping (I didn't know it could make noise without headphones -- never a good sign). It beeped it's little SOS about 10 times, then the error popped up on my screen, then the iPod disappeared from my devices. I tried again, this time the iPod was super hot, beeped for help/oxygen/morphine about 5 times, error message, disappears. 3 more times with the same result, each time with fewer pleas for help.

After leaving it all night, I have 9 songs and about 15 empty play lists on my iPod. (In no particular order and for your enjoyment, my songs are "Freak Like Me," "Natural Woman" (Kelly Clarkson version, thanks Allen), "Let Me Fall" (Josh Groban), "Where are you Christmas?" (Faith Hill - how the CRAP did that get on here???) "Philosophy" (Ben Folds - thank GOD there's one good song on here), and Lake Woebegone Updates, including advertisements for the Sleep Number Bed and Pillsbury's new Website.)

If by some stroke of luck the genius bar people at Apple can fix it tonight (2 months past my warranty, of course) I might start believing in Christmas Miracles all over again.

If might be time to cash in some of my winnings for a new one...but then the I get a Nano in my favorite color, a classic to hold all 18,000 of my songs, or a touch iPod because, c'mon, it's TOUCH iPOD!!!!!

Feel free to vote in the comments. I'm looking for any and all feedback before ordering one.


Klue said...

I would go for the classic. Cause it's ca-lassic. I would then get an iphone 6 months later and never talk to anyone ever again (<- preview of my life. Ask any burning questions asap)

Jen said...

Hm. I would get both. And stop talking to your sister. First.