Thursday, February 5, 2009

Survey Says!

Jessica had the idea to post this on her blog, even though she was tagged in Facebook - I decided to do both. Enjoy! Feel free to do this yourself - I've always wanted to know your deep and dark secrets...

25 things about Kate

1. One of my earliest memories is the day I learned ride my two-wheel (purple) bike on my own. I was rewarded with a big fork to eat my Mac and Cheese for lunch.

2. When I plan trips, I tend to research the local foods and restaurants before I find a place to stay.

3. My Favorite 3 foods are, in order: bacon, croutons, pickles.

4. Tuna fish from a can makes me nauseated. Raw tuna or seared tuna makes me hungry.

5. In my 11th grade AP Comp class, we spent an entire day learning the correct applications of the derivations of "nausea." Now every time someone says they feels nauseous, I want to correct them and tell them they actually feel nauseated. Thanks, Mrs. Flynn.

6. When I was little, I wished I could be adopted by McGyver and go off on crazy adventures. Just in case he showed up, I practiced making things in the basement. My most failed invention was a weed killer using SlimFast. It actually made the weeds grow faster. (note: I love my dad, always have, but given the choice of being a minister's daughter or McGyvers daughter, the choice is pretty easy).

7. At some point in my life, I want to have a DC mailing address.

8. I never liked cats. I took it as a sign from God that I am moderately allergic to them and therefore was predestined to be a dog person. Now I'm marrying a guy with a cat and find myself telling people about the hilarious way she eats her food or how she's starting to prefer me over Steve. I am turning into a crazy cat person.

9. My absolute favorite part of Christmas is sitting in the 7pm service after we've finished singing "Silent Night" and everyone has their candles up in the air and my dad says "Merry Christmas." It seems like the phrase has more meaning at that very moment than anytime during the entire holiday season.

10. When I was about 8 or 9, my dad made a joke about a Russian recipe called "Fish Balls in Tomato Sauce with Prunes." Last year, I finally realized that when he said fish balls, he actually mean pieces of the fish shaped into balls. I slept very well that night.

11. I am very competitive when playing games. I do not like to lose. Ever.

12. Fact: purple is the greatest color in the world. Do not dispute me on this.

13. I am not much of a crier when it comes to movies, but I will cry every time I watch the ending of "The Family Stone."

14. My biggest travel goal in life is to visit each and every wonder of the world. I've already been to Dollywood, so only 7 more to go.

15. When I order a burger at restaurants, I always order extra pickles. When the burger comes, I count and rearrange the pickles. I expect the pickles to completely cover the top of the bun with some overlap.

16. It takes me approximately 4 napkins to eat my lunch every day.

17. I consider myself a feminist. I also want to be a stay at home mom. I do not think these are mutually exclusive ideas.

18. I try to read every day on the metro with a goal of reading one book per week. This fall when I was re-reading "Ender's Game" I was so enthralled by one of the battle scenes that I not only got on the wrong train, but rode for nearly 20 minutes before I realized my mistake.

19. When I was 5, someone at church asked me if I was gay. I didn't know what that meant, so I asked my mom. She said gay meant happy. The next time the kid at church asked me, I said yes, I am gay. This was the last time I asked my mother what something meant.

20. I hate being in groups of more than 5 or 6 people.

21. Someone sent out a tweet once with "FTW" in it. I had no idea what it meant but assumed it meant "F* the world." Apparently it means "for the win" but I like my idea better.

22. I used to watch "Pride and Prejudice" about twice a week. After meeting a certain southern gentleman, I've only watched it once in the last 6 months. I've finally found someone better than Mr. Darcy.

23. If it were up to me, coconut and nutmeg would be banned from society.

24. I am allergic to chocolate and yogurt. People seem to think this is a tragedy. I think it's a reason to eat more bacon.

25. Every time I send one of these out, one of my friends responds back with a commentary about my life. I look forward to what she has to say about this.


Lee Anne said...

I clicked on your blog from Jessica's and just had to say that I was totally cracking up reading this and I don't even know you. That fish balls story....and the FTW one too....Help me Rhonda.

I will visit again.

Justin and Jessica said...

Hey! Still laughing about these. :)

Check my blog if you have a chance - I nominated you for a fun award.

Miss you!
(PS-LeeAnne is a good friend of mine from Owatonna.)

Jen said...

Think it's a moving tribute to our friendship that you overlook my Dutch-ness and I overlook your impending cat-ownership.
Peace on earth can't be too far behind.

Klue said...

I already commented on this on facebook but....#6 will be my favorite. FOREVER.