Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ever wonder what procrastination looks like? Here it is:

I would also include the picture of the 100+ files with tabs on the wrong flipping end that I have to fix and file before I can file any of the above papers, which still need to be sorted and alphabetized, but why would I broadcast that little nugget of evidence of K8IsAFlake on the innerwebs? Oh wait...

Excuse me, I need to start singing the alphabet song now.

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Jen said...

Because JenIsAFlake online needs some competition. Bad.
Missed a call from Hunter this morning & had to leave a vm for him. My message to him went something like this:
Was at my car with my arms full of books standing next to two long lines of stopped heavy traffic in both directions when my dress got caught by a gust of wind & sent the hem up around my ears for what felt like MINUTES while I screamed helplessly and dropped everything all over the place & call me back because I need to tell you about the headless goat.
He hasn't called back yet. Hm...