Monday, June 30, 2008

5 Steps to Emotional Health

Step One: Beef.

Step Two: New Gadgets

a) a baby gas grill b) a fancy schmancy 2 probe digital meat thermometer with a 120 foot range beeper!

Step Three: Find someone smaller than you to pick on.

Step Four: Buy Yourself Something Special - shop with a friend!

A) The Tobacco Company B) Sine C) Galaxy Diner

Step Five: Enjoy a Late Night Snack to Chat About your Feelings Regarding:

a) Superior Drink choices!
b)Inferior Drink choices!

d) Fried Pickles!

e) More beef!

Congrats. You are healed. Good luck with those arteries.


Klue said...

You didn't capture and barbeque a meerkat did you? Cause that would be a bit cruel.

Shawn said...

Now, I'm hungry. Hungry for beef....

Shawn said...

Where is the dating blog?