Monday, November 12, 2007

How to Make Kate Happy - Tip # 2,309

In case you are just joining us, I still have buckets and buckets of hate for the temps who are still. here. (side bar - doesn't the term "temp" imply a short term hire? As in a couple weeks, at tops a month? These thorns in my side have been here for at least 3 or 4 months. This is no longer temporary in my book.)

I have been contemplating lately asking a coworker - who previously I was very very scared of but now realize although he can be very mean and scary when he wants to be, he is actually quite harmless under most circumstances - to come out and yell at the temps to shut it when they get super chatty, as they do become nearly every day. Today they have been driving me more nuts than usual. Like shave my head and feed babies mountain dew crazy. For reals y'all.

An example for your consideration: Whenever the girl temp gets up to go to the kitchen, she always a) announces where she's going and then b) asks the other two temps if they need anything, and then makes a big scene about how she's "like totally like willing to bring back like extra M&Ms because like I know you like them." It's obnoxious. Seriously, we sit 25 feet from the kitchen - they are all capable of getting things from the kitchen on their own.

And then, without even having to ask him, said scary coworker just threw a very hilarious insult at the temps...
As said coworker (will work on good code name for him...but not now) was walking by my cube, he stops, and says quite loudly "KATE - I AM GOING TO THE KITCHEN. DO YOU NEED ANYTHING? I CAN BRING YOU ANYTHING FROM THE KITCHEN YOU MIGHT WANT!"

...and I started cracking up. And now the temps are very very quiet.

He totally made my day.

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Klue said...

That is awesome. I actually read this a few days ago, but I was hanging out with Coleen and Ann tonight and told them this story. I daresay they enjoyed it.